Building Konkapot LodgeThe logs used to build the Lodge were salvaged from the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation from a "blow down", an area created by severe high winds in 1997. The handcrafted log work was done by Arrowhead Log Homes, owned and operated by tribal members.

Arrowhead is the first log builder to be classified as a "sustainable harvest" builder and Konkapot Lodge is the first such categorized log structure. Considering the ever increasing demand for building materials pitted at odds with environmental concerns, Konkapot Lodge was built with every effort to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, and we are encouraged and grateful to all our guests who not only recognize the effort, but who wholeheartedly enjoy and appreciate it as well.

In the months since our opening, our guests have been overwhelmingly positive about their stay. Some of the many comments can be seen on right side of this page.

Most of the owners and staff of Konkapot Lodge are descendants of Popewannehah "John" Konkapot, a Mohican Chief who served as a selectman in George Washington's Army during the American Revolution. After being removed from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and then Stockbridge, New York, Konkapot and the Mohican Nation were merged with Munsee and Brotherton Indians, and eventually made to reside on the current reservation which was carved from the Menominee Nation in 1856.

Today, 140 + years later, Konkapot Lodge offers comfortable, convenient lodging for the tribes casino patrons and those visiting the many historic museums including the Stockbridge-Munsee Library and Museum, the Menominee Logging Museum and other points of interest in and around the reservation and Shawano County.

Our goal is to make your stay a unique and enjoyable experience - one we hope you will want to enjoy again and again and share with your friends.