Professional Oil Change

For the health and performance of your engine we highly recommend changing your oil every 3,000 with conventional oil or up to 5,000 miles with synthetic oil.  It is very important to change the oil and filter within these intervals to help prevent engine damage which can be extremely expensive.  Oil breaks down over time and will not lubricate the engine as well as it needs to.  When you need an oil change in Chippewa Falls know that you can count on Chippewa Auto Body.

FREE car wash!

Our professional oil changes include 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter, but you also get a FREE exterior hand wash!!  We take pride in all aspects of our work and want your car not only running great, but looking great, so you can return home feeling great!

Full Service Garage

We also give your car an inspection at each oil change to help you know what repairs are needed now or in the future to help you plan your budget.  An oil change can also be the perfect time to do your recommended seasonal tire rotation so you can get more life out of them be avoiding uneven tread wear.

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