About The Konkapot Family

Konkapot Lodge, is a Native American owned hotel which is privately-owned, but of course is open to the public. Most of the owners and staff of Konkapot Lodge are descendants of Popewannehah “John” Konkapot, a Mohican Chief who served as a selectman in George Washington’s Army during the American Revolution. The Stockbridge Mohicans were the only Native Americans to serve with the Colonists in the French and Indian and Revolutionary wars, and the first Native Americans to be granted U.S. citizenship. Chief Konkapot also played a vital role in the negotiations with early missionaries, bringing education and Christianity to the tribe.

After being removed from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and then Stockbridge, New York, Konkapot and the Mohican Nation were merged with Munsee and Brotherton Indians, and eventually forced to move to the current reservation, which was carved from the Menominee Nation in 1856.

Today, 140 + years later, Konkapot Lodge possesses a great collection of family heirlooms and historic information that are available for guests to view. To learn more, we suggest visiting the many local historic museums including the Stockbridge-Munsee Library and Museum and the Menominee Logging Museum.

Carol and Merton Vele, founders of Konkapot Lodge, raised 5 children and lived on the reservation their entire lives.  In 1972, Merton, with a lot of help from extended family, built a cozy 2 bedroom cabin on the reservation. While growing up it was perfect for family week-ends and summer visits “home”. Several years ago while the children were visiting the folks (who retired in the cabin), it became painfully obvious that the family of twenty-four no longer comfortably fit in the cabin. It was too cozy for comfort!

After a family pow wow, we decided to build a family lodge and name it after our ancestors. In particular, we wanted to honor our ten aunts and uncles who were raised in a small stone house on the reservation not too far from the lodge. Before long, as is often the case, one thing led to another and before we knew it we were planning a 28 room lodge.

Our goal was to create a sense of quiet and peace which is what the Reservation means to us personally. We want you to experience The Great North Woodsand the Reservation in it’s full and natural splendor. We hope  your stay is an unique and enjoyable experience – one we hope you will want to enjoy again and again and share with friends.

We know that there is a lot of lodging to choose from and we are grateful you are considering us for your stay.


The Merton M. Vele Family, Proprietors